Useful Information About Freedom Preparatory Academy

Freedom Preparatory Academy is where the true foundation of knowledge is based. It provides conducive environment and platforms for discovery, nurture and expression of great things. To learn more about  Preparatory School, click here for more. At Freedom Preparatory Academy learners are taught to believe in their potential and not to be limited in their visions and possibilities. Students are encouraged to be creative, to acquire knowledge, to cherish determination and to always be strong to face the future.


The Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter schools were founded in 2009 and currently has a student population of 1600 learners. There is some diversity in the learner population comprising of 89% African American students,10% Latino and 1% Caucasian and others. The academy has engaged qualified and experienced members of staff who are 200 in number. The Freedom Preparatory Academy school colours are navy blue and orange. The school mission is to prepare all learners in the k-12 grade to excel in the school, college and in life. The school vision is to see all students having the same competitive edge just like the other better-privileged children in America.


The Excellent Schools Network (ESN) has the Freedom Preparatory Academy as one of its members. To get more info, click vineyard elementary school. The network is comprised of a specific group of schools that have posted high academic achievements, sound practices in their organization and the honest ability to close the gap in achievements in their communities.


The entire freedom preparation academy which includes the students, members of staff and the parents uphold respect, responsibility, excellence, integrity and community as their core intrinsic values. This has become a culture and new members are inducted to keep the values which bring out the excellent identity of the freedom preparation academy.


The freedom elementary school has a clear designed academic program focused specifically on early reading and writing. This helps learners to develop a strong foundation and confidence in academic achievement. The middle school, on the other hand, puts focus on character development and the nurturing of useful study habits as they embark on the demanding pre-college academic program. The high school learners are placed on a rigorous academic program that is aimed at preparing them for excellence in college and even beyond.


The Freedom Preparatory Academy also encompasses arts, sports and other enrichment programs in the curriculum which include athletics, theatre,African drumming, visual arts among other programs. This is aimed at building perspectives, passions and characters in ways the traditional class setting may not achieve. The sports program in the school continues to grow with the Rugby team being ranked highly in the state, the high school basketball has become part of TSSAA. 


The Freedom Preparatory Academy has all it takes to prepare learners for success in college and after. Learn more from  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charter_school.